Five ways to recover data from a USB drive

Getting data back from a USB drive can be a nightmare when you are not sure how to best restore all the lost data and store it at a safe location for future use. Here is your quick guide to recover data from a USB drive easily and quickly.

Use a powerful USB data recovery method

You can easily use this recovery software to retrieve and restore data from any USB drive. Using this recovery solution, you can retrieve data from any type of USB drive and for all kinds of problems such as video recovery, deleted files recovery, photo recovery and any other external devices too.

To recover deleted files from USB drive

You can first select your data recovery method, then select a location in your computer to store your retrieved data and then click retrieve to get back all the data that you thought you may have lost.

To restore data from a previous version of a software

To get lost data from a previous version, you can simply open Windows Explorer by clicking Start > My Computer. Then locate the folder where you think your lost data is sitting. You can also search for the data if you don’t remember where your data can be. Then right click on the folder and click Properties. Then click on Previous versions and select retrieve.

Get data back from backups

To get data back from backups, simply create a copy of the backup at another location on your computer and set automatic backups, so every time you save a new file, it gets saved at the backup location.

Get data back using an advanced software

There are many advanced software applications available that can help you retrieve data from any USB drive in the flick of a second. You may have to pay for such software, but it is worth the money spent especially when the data that you’re trying to retrieve is of high importance.


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