Top 5 Tools to Best Protect Your Data

Safeguarding sensitive information for your organization should always be a high priority. Implementing a data back up plan alone may not be significant. Nonetheless, using privacy tools and to encrypt and save your information will help you protect your intellectual property. Thus helping you reduce the risk of data breach or theft.

Investing in the right data privacy tools to protect your sensitive data is essential. Besides, it helps you retrieve your data during an emergency situation. Discussed below are top 5 tools you can use to decrypt data for your business. We have asked a Data Recoveryu and Cyber security company that provides these type of services  Data Recovery Tampa Florida for their opinion. We also spoke to a crypto breaker who preferred to stay anonymous.

  1. VeraCrypt.

VerCrypt is one of the vital security tools. It provides you with the best encryption for your data. It is simple to use. All it does is to add an encrypted password to your partitions and data. All you need is to provide the tool with a few details about your data. For instance volume size, location and special hashing algorithm. After that, the program will encrypt your data in a few steps.

  1. AxCrypt

If you want something reliable, then this should be your best bet. The software has specifically been designed for individual and small teams within businesses. It provides robust security, and the files are proetcted through 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Besides, the software uses cloud-based capabilities to save your data automatically. The software is fully multilingual, and it can work in different languages.

  1. CryptoExpert 8

This is Windows-based desktop software. It provides secure data vaults for your information. By ensuring it always protect you from protected potential breaches. CryptoExpet 8 offers more powerful encryption than other apps and tools. The system can back up an array of different files including certificates. Moreover, it can secure vaults of unlimited sizes.

  1. CertainSafe

CertainSafe is a useful cloud-based encryption software. It helps in mitigating all aspects of risk and is a compliant the industry regulations. Besides, with the platform, you can share and store documents, SMS, photos, and videos. Moreover, it adds automated security for business databases.

  1. Folder Lock

Although it is essential to protect the assets of a company, it is also critical to add protection to any device that stores your data. For instance, most companies have their emails and other accounts on their smartphones; hence, they need to be protected.

The software is a better option when it comes to adding encryption to your devices. Besides, the app assists in protecting personal files and videos. reference: Tampa Data Recovery


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